About me

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Hello! My name is Stoyo Petkov Petkov. I was born on June 21, 1989 in Plovdiv, where I completed my secondary education at the Private Profiled High School "Classic" with English and Italian.
After 2008 I started doing Photography, this made me develop in this direction and I took many photography courses.
After 7 years of experience and search for different techniques, in 2015 I created my first solo exhibition "The lens of my third eye". In the following years I continued my work on portrait and landscape photography. I developed there the most. I still want to develop my skills in Sports Journalism Photography. In 2018, I started doing video recording and editing. The next big project came in the fall of 2018 - "Sinking". The videos and most of the photos in the show are my work. In 2019, I shot three videos with a fashion and artistic focus. I am about to have a second exhibition and two more projects related to Theater, Cinema and Photography.