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My name is Stoyo Petkov Petkov. I was born in the not so distant 1989 on June 21, in Plovdiv, where I graduate my high-school education at the Private Profiled High School "Classic" with Italian language.

After 2008 I started doing Photography, in which direction I developed and I enrolled in many photography courses.

I was a photographer for several theater productions in 2014.

After 7 years of experience and searching for different techniques, in 2015 I created my first solo exhibition "The lens - my third eye".

In the following years I continued my work on portrait, art photography. I developed in that area the most. However, my other passion is landscape photography. For a while I liked to shoot sports events, but over time this idea remained in the background.

In 2018, I started doing video recording and editing. The next big project came in the fall of 2018 - "Sinking", a multimedia theatrical performance with a performance focus. The videos and most of the photos in the show are my work. Two more similar projects followed.

In 2019, I shot three videos with a fashion and artistic focus. I participate with multimedia in the show "LOVE IS A MYSTERY" in 2019 participation in Photo Salon Plovdiv with a photo ranked in the category „my city”, European Capital of Culture and a number of other photo salons in 2019, 2020. Also there is a ranking of my shot in the Italian edition of Venus.

Since 2020 I have been signing my works with the pseudonym TONINO PETKOV, my manager and I decided that it is easier to remember, and it works better for the European market. "THE SOUL BEHIND THE EYES" is the second solo exhibition I have created. Famous actors and musicians from Bulgaria took part in it. I am grateful to Vlado Mihailov, Velislav Pavlov, Niketsa, Delyan Iliev and others for agreeing to photograph them. The opening of the exhibition was on 05.08.2020 in the creative district of Plovdiv - Kapana. Other exhibitions of the project in 2021 are forthcoming.

There is also a video project designed for Italy and specially created for a certain artist. It's a secret for now.

I am about to create a place where I can create and develop my photography and more projects related to Theater, Cinema and Photography.

The thing that makes my work unique and interesting is the fact that I am probably the only photographer in Bulgaria dealing with photography professionally, with reduced vision. The visual arts are hard to come by for people like me, but here it is possible. I want to prove that there are no impossible things.

In fact, my manager and I are planning to do a few workshops for people who have reduced vision and want to do photography, cinema or theater. I love challenges and new things. One is here to move the wheel and leave a mark, in spite of everything and everyone.